Murder at Whalehead
Author: Joe C. Ellis
ISBN: 978-0-9796655-0-9

Murder at Whalehead will be available at bookstores in the Ohio Valley and on the Outer Banks in early June. It should be available online at,,, etc, by late July. We are hoping bookstores throughout North Carolina and Ohio will also carry the novel.


A temporary first edition is now available at If you would like a copy of this temporary edition, CLICK HERE.

Two Ohio Valley families vacationing on the east coast encounter a killer: On the northern Outer Banks looms an old hunting lodge known as the Whalehead Club. Less than a quarter mile away deep in the marsh along the Currituck Sound lies the body of a young woman. Someone has killed and craves to kill again.

Byron Butler, a Presbyterian minister, and his family travel with the Mulligans, Elijah, Annie, and their nephew, Dugan, and look forward to sun, sea, rest, and relaxation. Instead they cross paths with a homicidal maniac. Can they stop him before another innocent victim dies?

Praise for Murder at Whalehead

"An atmospheric and thouroughly engrossing mystery of people and place, Murder at Whalehead will absorb the reader from its first tantalizing page to its last satisfying conclusion. It's a true page-turner, filled with fully realized characters who understand both faith and doubt."

Michele Rubin, Senior Agent, Writers House, NY


"Joe Ellis weaves engaging characters, suspense, and triumph of spirit together in a great read!"

Nancy Haddock, novelist at Berkley Books


"I've read 37 novels so far this year. Murder at Whalehead is at the top of the list. I loved it!"

Gretchen Snodgrass, English teacher and avid reader



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