Outer Banks Murder Series

Ohio Valley Mystery Series

"If you liked Murder at Whalehead and Murder at Hatteras, you'l love Murder on the Outer Banks.
Joe Ellis keeps getting better and better"
Gee Gee Rosell - book reviewer and Buxton Village Books owner.

"Murder at Whalehead will absorb the reader from its first tantalizing page to its last satisfying conclusion."
Michele Rubin, senior agent, Writers House, NY

"Ellis has created a novel of suspense with a storyteller's grasp of detail."
Donna Swanson, nationally award winning poet, commenting on The Healing Place

"Haunting, captivating, compelling, The First Shall Be Last is a powerful mystery that grips the heart."
Nancy Haddock, Berkley Books novelist and author of La Vida Vampire

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Praise for Murder at Hatteras: "Wow. This guy can write! If you like any of the best selling suspense/mystery writers
(Flynn, Coben, Child, Patterson) give Joe Ellis a try for a refreshing change. He's every bit as good and you'll
also get a big dose of Hatteras Island's color!"
Gee Gee Rosell - book reviewer for several Outer Banks publications and Hatteras Island resident


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